In case of selling a product via the internet or by visiting the store or otherwise (by phone), the consumer has the right to cancel the order within 24 hours. This period is usually called the waiting period or withdrawal period. The consumer is not obliged to justify his decision.

The right of withdrawal does not apply if the products are manufactured according to the specifications you have set as a consumer or which are not in stock and need a special order from the supplier / manufacturer, as well as from products which after tradition, by their very nature, are inextricably intertwined with other elements.

EU law also stipulates that the consumer must be given a minimum two-year warranty (legal guarantee) as protection against defective products or products that do not meet the advertised appearance or function.

After-sales obligations / defective products
If the product proves to be defective, or does not meet the advertised appearance or function, and as long as the legal warranty is still valid, the warranty is valid.

When can you claim redress?

You can claim redress under the legal guarantee provided by EU law if a product:

  • does not match the product description.
  • has different characteristics from the ad model or the one we showed you.
  • is unsuitable for its intended purpose – either for which products of this type are generally used.
  • does not have the quality and performance that products of this type normally have.
  • If you know that the product you are going to sell has some quality issues you can not claim redress for these defects.

What you can claim:

You have the right to request one of the following free of charge (shipping costs, labor, materials, etc.):

  • product repair
  • product replacement
  • price reduction
  • cancellation of the contract and full refund of the amount you paid.

Repair or replace

You can request the product to be repaired or replaced if the repair is not a good choice (eg it is very expensive).

Price reduction or full refund

Another option is to request a price reduction or refund of the full amount, but only if the repair or replacement:

  • not possible
  • is too expensive given the type of product or defect
  • does not serve you at all
  • can not be done by the business within a reasonable time.